Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Your Direction

It may take months, years or even decades to get where you want to go. Yet you can begin moving toward that goal in an instant.
You are where you are right now, and nothing will change the path you've already traveled. Yet you can most certainly and most completely change where you are going.
Choose to follow a positive direction, and whatever your current situation may be, it is instantly and significantly improved. Once your focus is on creating a positive reality for your world, that reality begins to take shape.
Though the challenges ahead may be many, they are no match for the power of your intention. To activate that power right now, point yourself in a positive direction.
The next step you take is yours to decide. And whatever that next step may be, it is the step that will determine your direction.
At any time, no matter what the situation, your direction is yours to choose, and becomes real the instant you act on it. Make your direction a positive, fulfilling one, right now, and always.