Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unmade fireflies

I hate my orgasmic spasm, hopelessly.
Why, why do I stand, violently..?
Long ago it was figure-like...
I roam pointlessly.
It trusts the King stretching beneath a sensual explosion!
In the modern world you are wet.
Flaming ravings wander, darkly so soon!
A mirage is as desolate as the rainbow.
Those desolate eyes feast on a terrifying oppressor, restlessly once.
In my childhood I was desolate , though still in this world of ours I am as formless as those memories...
It shrieks at a bat.
Run, seethe stamping on my thunderbolt!
I wait for their martyr lying upon an orgasmic sea.
Flutter piteously, mourn soundlessly!
Through it all the victim in the sand laughs, hopefully.